Our Story

Who We Are

Nutriburst has carved out a significant niche in the health supplement market, gaining recognition for our unique take on health and wellness gummies. Our main goal revolves around making the Nutrient Rich experience both pleasant and straightforward for our customers, integrating seamlessly into diverse lifestyles. We focus on creating health supplements that are accessible to all, regardless of dietary needs or religious practices, leaving no one behind.
In the realm of nutrition and health supplements, Nutriburst adopts a unique and comprehensive strategy. We merge a deep passion for health and wellness with a thorough scientific methodology, ensuring the efficacy and reliability of our products. Transparency is a cornerstone of our brand; we believe in clear communication regarding our ingredients and processes, which is fundamental in forging a strong trust bond with our customers.
Nutriburst’s brand essence is marked by clear communication, empathy, and a relentless drive for innovation and learning. We take pride in our ability to deliver messages that are straightforward yet thoughtful, making complex nutrition information accessible and backed by scientific facts. This strategy distinguishes us in a competitive multivitamin market, attracting consumers who prioritize integrity and simplicity in their vitamin choices.
 The Nutriburst logo is a visual representation of our core values and commitments. It symbolizes our dedication to breaking down the complexities of nutrition and making health and wellness more approachable and inclusive. The design is vibrant and straightforward, reflecting our dynamic approach to health, and our commitment to making nutrition a simple yet integral part of everyone’s life. In essence, Nutriburst is not just about providing supplements; it's about fostering a community that values and prioritizes health in a way that is accessible and understandable to all.

How It Started

Nutriburst's story began in 2019, emerging as a visionary force in the nutrition and health supplement industry. The company initially registered to reinvent and sought to make wellness gummies not only beneficial but also enjoyable and accessible. In 2022, Nutriburst launched in India, introducing a range of nutrients and botanical ingredient-based gummies that would redefine the health supplement sector.
The brand's journey was about more than just producing health supplements; it was about pioneering a new approach to nutrition. This commitment was showcased in its revamped brand identity and distinct wordmark, symbolizing innovation in the health supplement space. Gaining recognition in prestigious publications, Nutriburst further elevated its profile with a visual makeover, refreshing its packaging and website to mirror its progressive ethos.
Aligning with the local for vocal movement, Nutriburst emphasized local manufacturing in India, reinforcing its commitment to tailored nutrition solutions. The brand extended its reach into luxury and health-focused retail outlets like Whole Foods, broadening its accessibility. Innovatively expanding its product range, Nutriburst introduced specialized women's health supplements, cementing its role as a versatile and dynamic player in the health supplement market. This narrative, from its inception, captures Nutriburst's continuous dedication to enhancing health and wellness through innovative nutrition solutions.

Our Mission

Nutriburst is committed to crafting clean, great-tasting, and highly effective health supplement products, with a focus on enhancing everyday health and wellness. Our mission is to empower you to feel your best, embodying the essence of a 'super you'. We place our customers at the heart of everything we do, ensuring that each product we offer is not only of high quality but also supports all-round health in a delightful way. Our dedication lies in providing products that fuel your day with clean, top-tier ingredients, reflecting our core values of purity, effectiveness, and taste. At Nutriburst, we strive to make health and wellness both accessible and enjoyable, ensuring that our commitment to clean, effective nutrition translates into a tangible, positive impact on your daily life.

About the Brand

Nutriburst stands at the forefront of the nutrition industry, committed to transforming the world of health supplements. Our guiding philosophy, 'Doing vitamins differently,' drives our mission to innovate within the vitamin supplement market. We specialize in crafting supplement gummies that are not only effective but also align with the highest standards of taste and quality.

Our Core Values and Principles:

  • Unwavering Quality and Transparency: In every health supplement we create, we ensure transparency and quality. Our products, which include a range of vegetarian, no-added sugar health supplements, contain approved/permitted colour and flavour. This commitment to purity sets a high standard in the vitamin industry, fulfilling stringent quality regulations.
  • Solid Scientific Foundation: We develop each product based on rigorous scientific principles. Leading nutritionists endorse our formulations, and our products proudly bear top-tier certifications, reflecting our dedication to scientifically validated health supplements.
  • Sustainable and Ethical Practices: We integrate sustainability into our business model. Our environmental responsibility extends beyond our products, as we engage in partnerships that positively impact the planet, showcasing our commitment to ethical practices in the vitamin supplement industry.

Our Unique Selling Points:

  • Commitment to Radical Transparency: Nutriburst leads with transparency. We ensure that our customers know precisely what they consume with each vitamin supplement, setting a new standard of trust and honesty in the market.
  • Plant-Powered, Additive-Free Nutrition: We prioritize natural ingredients in our health supplements. Our focus on plant-based ingredients ensures that each product is both healthful and effective.
  • Expert Endorsement: Nutrition experts endorse our products, adding a layer of trust and reliability. Our gummies, upheld by these endorsements, offer consumers a dependable choice in health supplements.
  • Focus on Environmental Responsibility: Our dedication to the environment is fundamental. By focusing on sustainable practices and forming planet-friendly partnerships, we ensure our health supplements are beneficial for both our customers and the world.

In Nutriburst, we see more than a brand; we envision a movement toward a healthier, better-informed world. Our dedication to innovation, quality, and sustainability uniquely positions us in the nutrition and wellness industry.

Timeline Chart

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How’s It Going?

Currently, Nutriburst is enjoying a period of remarkable success and expansion. In the field of nutrition, particularly with our multi-vitamin and health supplement offerings, we've achieved noteworthy milestones and positive growth. The response to our vitamin supplement range has been exceptionally favorable, a testament to our dedication to high standards and creative innovation. We've broadened our presence effectively, both through online platforms and in physical retail locations, enhancing the accessibility of our products to a wider audience. Our commitment to delivering superior quality gummies has garnered significant appreciation from health-conscious individuals, further cementing Nutriburst's reputation as a reliable brand in the health supplement sector. Our recent ventures, including the introduction of new product lines and expansion into additional retail channels, demonstrate our ongoing commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our customers. We remain dedicated to enhancing wellness through our high-quality, scientifically backed vitamin supplements. Looking ahead, we are excited about the future prospects of Nutriburst. Our commitment to excellence in nutrition and health supplements continues to drive us forward, and we are enthusiastic about bringing more innovative solutions to our customers, helping them lead healthier, more vibrant lives. At Nutriburst, we're not just creating supplements; we're enhancing lives with every product we offer.